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Here Come the Pets... My Pet Cat

Shot on Redmi 3s Prime with no HDR.

Agreeing to the fact that I added a filter to look it filmy, the original shot was also awesome.
In my native village there a cat and a dog as pets. Surprisingly they wont fight each other even they sat next to each other.
At this moment it was staring at a food item which was just dropped from my hand.

Cute! Isn't it?

Let me know your thoughts...

-Bharath Mullapudi
 Founder, Let's Stay Up To Date.

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A Rain Cleaned School...

Shot on Redmi 3s Prime with HDR on.

Howdy Guys,

That's on a Rainy Day!
I'm out on my way to play with friends just before the rain burst out and we were taking shelter in the parking place of a restaurant.
Soon after the rain went off, it left this beautiful and colorful scene for my Camera to Capture.
Had the pole been slightly right, the building would have been in perfect symmetry!

What do you think of the picture?

-Bharath Mullapudi
 Founder, Let's Stay Up To Date.
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The Introductory Post...

First To Mention: I Didn't take the picture above.
Something about me...

I'm an electronics engineering student who's interested in Technology and Updates also fond of writing content.
So, I'm now the Editor of  Let's Stay Up To Datewhich I started in Mid-2017.

Photography is one thing which I was interested since I got a decent camera through my very first mobile, Lenovo A6000 Plus.
I won't say that it's a Great Device for shooting pictures, but one of the best I've ever handled.
Starting from that, I loved taking good shots.
Now, I'm using another device, Redmi 3s Prime, also not a great device, but is significantly better than the previous device.

From now on, in this blog, I would love to share the pictures taken by me, mostly from my device.

Stay Tuned.

-Bharath Mullapudi.
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Look How Adorable he is...

Shot on Redmi 3s Prime, No HDR.

It is an unplanned pic, where the Little Boy sat beside the pole and staring at me before I was tempted to take a Picture.
Awesome! Right?

This is always one of my best photos even shot on my Phone.

-Bharath Mullapudi.

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A Decent Sun-set where the sun is trying to hide behind a tree ;)

Shot on : Redmi 3s Prime, No HDR.
Location: Sri City, India.

In a fine evening, when I was going on a walk from my hostel, I found this beautiful scene where my next instinct was my hand moving on to camera app on my phone.

I Liked the picture very much...
What Do you think?
Let me know in the comments...

-Bharath Mullapudi.
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